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Denplan Care                                                                                     Denplan Essentials

Week Payment                                                                                   Week Payment

A. £5.45                                                                                               £5.32

B. £8.22                                                                                               Dental Treatment has a 10% discount

C. £11.11                                                                                               

D.  £16.02

E. £34.68




New Patient exam adult £115

New patient exam child (11-17) £30

New patient exam child (10 or under) £17


Routine Check-up (ADULT) £48

Routine Check-up child (11-17) £23

Routine Check-up (10 or under) £13


Exam, S&P with a Dentist £85



Exam (Dentist) + Clean (Hygienist) £127.95


Restorative Treatment

Amalgam filling (silver) From £100

Composite filling (white) From £120

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment (anterior teeth) From £550

Root Canal Treatment (posterior teeth) From £700

All fees are based around the hourly rate.


(We will discuss fees with you during your consultation so that you know exactly how much you will need to pay and when.)


Hygiene app £79.95

Hygiene app + Air flow £86 (Private)

                                        £30 (Denplan)

Direct Access £90 

Dentures  (Natural Looking Dentures)

Acrylic Dentures From £1000

Chrome-Cobalt Dentures (metallic frame) From £1200



Dental Implants *

Implant Consultation £180

Dental implant with crown (single tooth) From £2000

All on Four (Teeth in a Day) From £10.000

Dental Bone Grafts From £500

Sinus Lift From £650


Extraction From £190

Surgical extraction From £280



Teeth whitening (Philips Zoom Home Kit) £390

Cosmetic Dentistry*

Composite Bonding

From £1800 Porcelain Bridges (per unit)

From £800 Porcelain Crowns (per unit) From £800


Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Enquiry (15m) Free* ( £80.00)

Orthodontic Assessment (30m) - £210 (Includes OPG + IO Scan)

Clear Aligners (Invisalign) From £2450

Single Arch Orthodontic Appliance (Metal or Ceramic) From £2800

*If already a patient


OPG £60


Single Arch £180

Both Arches £250

Limited Volume £180

Report (If requested) £60


Dermal Fillers Free consultation. From £350 per syringe

Anti-wrinkle Treatments Free consultation. Two session treatment From £350



* No one wants any surprises at the dentist. So we want to let you know, that for some more complicated treatments (like teeth straightening, implants etc.), due to the personalised nature of the treatment, the cost may vary to what is shown. We’ll always provide you with an itemised cost of your treatment, so you will always know where you stand before any treatment starts.

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